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Activities - Saint-Leu

Situated on the west coast of Reunion Island, a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean, Saint-Leu is a small town and fishing port. The city’s beach is famous for surfing and paragliding.

Just off the coast, Reunion Island’s natural marine reserve features a coral reef that is home to thousands of species, including turtles, starfish, crustaceans and tropical fish. Le Palais d’Asie offers a variety of activities to do on your own or with your family close to your holiday destination. Make the most of your dream holiday!

A sport of nature by excellence

paragliding is a free flight experience. Pump up your adrenaline as you take off from a flying site facing the Indian Ocean for unequalled sensations and land on the beach a few hundred metres from the town centre.

BOURBON PARAPENTE CONCEPT is located at the north roundabout of St Leu, opposite the surf spot, 20 metres from the ocean.

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The beach of St Leu, which borders the town centre, is bustling, especially during weekends. Sheltered partly by a coral reef and bordered by a small marina, the beach is relatively safe for swimming.

Discover the beautiful underwater coral massifs, which are home to numerous fish and invertebrates! Make the most of the equipment at your disposal to fully admire the Reunionese seabed just a few metres from Le Palais d’Asie.

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*Kélonia, the marine turtle observatory, is an environmental awareness centre dedicated to marine turtles. It consists of 1,500 m3 of basins supplied with seawater, educational and scientific premises and 1,500 m2 outdoor space. Kélonia participates in research programmes to protect marine turtles and their habitats in Reunion Island and the Indian Ocean.

To this end, the observatory has entered into partnerships with teams from all over the world. Kélonia’s care centre takes in injured or sick turtles and releases them back into the sea once they have recovered.

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The Saint-Leu Craft Market

A site dedicated exclusively to Reunionese handicrafts

A stone’s throw from Le Palais d’Asie, you will find a collection of Reunionese crafts open every day! The perfect place to travel through the island’s fascinating history while supporting the local artisans.

Directly overlooking the main street of Saint-Leu, the former covered market has been home to a unique place since 1st December 2014, which is sincerely worth the trip.

Each of the seven elegant wooden stalls installed under the metal hall showcase the works of one or more Reunionese artisans. To guarantee their origin and quality, some boast the brand “made in Reunion Island” launched by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

A “tasting point” allows visitors, during a short stopover, to savour a Bourbon Pointu, some tea or local culinary delicacies.

Entirely dedicated to Réunionese crafts, the Saint-Leu market is a magnificent exhibition of our local craftspeople’s know-how. Local jewellery, knives, decorative objects or food-processing items (vanilla, honey, jams, salt...), you’ll find it all here!

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